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UVO Recycling Company - Turning waste cooking oil in bio fuel

Does your business or establishment produce used vegetable oil (UVO)?

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Fleming Recycling collects used cooking oil and cleans grease traps from restaurants, hotels, hospitals, penal institutions and large food manufacturing plants. Fleming Recycling then processes and recycles the raw material into valuable products that are used to create plastics, soaps, livestock feed and biodiesel fuel.

Customers can rely on Fleming Recycling for quick, clean and professional collection and disposal of their used cooking oil and grease. Whether you are a national chain or family-owned restaurant, Fleming Recycling will customize a service plan that meets your business needs.

See how much money your waste can earn you or your company.


Do you have receptacles (either indoor or outdoor) that need servicing and cleaning on a regular basis?


Do you have grease traps that need servicing on a regular basis to adhere to city code?


Does your outside UVO container area need a good power washing?

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