Fleming Recycling

UVO Recycling Company - Turning waste cooking oil in bio fuel

About Fleming Recycling

We service over 1000 restaurants in Missouri, Kansas and Northern Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tenessee. Many of our accounts are long-term customers.

We have been in the UVO business a long time. Bill Fleming started hauling UVO in the 1960's with his sons tagging along. They have maintained and built upon his legacy, making Fleming Recycling what it is today.

  • Does your business or establishment produce Used Vegetable Oil (UVO)?
  • Do you have receptacles (either indoor or outdoor) that need servicing and cleaning on a regular basis?
  • Do you have grease traps that need servicing on a regular basis to adhere to city code?
  • Does your outside UVO container area need a good power washing?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you need a local UVO recycling company to give you same day service and one-on-one attention. Your are not just a number here, but a valued customer whose business we will strive to maintain. Whether you operate a franchise or an independent family-owned business, we can help you.

We do a good, clean, dependable job with immediate local results. How about giving us a try? 

Just call me at  417-962-0040 or email me at recyclecookingoil@bfbyproducts.com

We look forward to earning your business!